Our Approach

In order to achieve our mission we combine several construction processes which allow us to consistently meet our objective of providing more for less.

Design-build collaboration

Consistently working with our clients and architects allows us to ensure proper planning is completed prior to construction. Before construction begins it is critical that our client’s plan of action meets their goals and vision.

Vertically integrated planning / construction & Homogeneous contractor base

Our company utilizes a vertically integrated planning and construction concept, along with a homogeneous contractor base throughout our construction process. This results in transparent communication with and between our sub-contractors to ensure everyone understands the best way to meet the client goals throughout the construction process.

Design standardization

One of the main goals we achieve by combining our collaborative approach with our integrated construction approach is design standardization. This will allow the client’s vision to be met with a product that can be constructed systematically and efficiently. Another byproduct of this process is a method to control cost and quality.